My way

When the artistic vocation is untoppable (1 actor, 1 actress)
A guy and a girl meet on the Internet and propose a challenge

«It will be an unforgettable night, you’ll see. And it’s already here. I can’t wait. Ya know… I don’t think it will be long before we see each other. Remember the promise. I intend to keep mine.»




It is the early years of the 2000s, when the emergence of the internet begins to offer new ways of communicating. Under those circumstances, a boy and a girl meet on the Internet and begin chatting. Thanks to the privacy that such a meeting offers, it doesn’t take long for the two to open up to each other and discover that both feel profoundly unsatisfied with their lives. This connection allows for a mutual understanding and solidarity which will lead both to revive the desire and hope they need to accomplish old dreams – if it’s not too late!


My way is an urban play, direct, emotional, and very familiar; it is a play for the modern audience. A story told in everyday language, at today’s rhythm, but with the same spirit as always. It is a simple and clear play, fun and moving, for people who like to hear unadulterated, authentic, human stories. A play jam-packed with impulses and words, with arguments and emotions. A tender and daring story that reaches out to that scared little artist that everyone carries inside.


Genre: Bittersweet comedy
Length: 90 minutes
Cast: 2 actors (1 male and 1 female)
Set design: The play allows for a basic set design: 2 chairs in the first act and a sofa in the second, however, whenever possible, realistic spaces are encouraged (an apartment in the second act, for example).


Full play

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