Cast:  7 actors  (4 male and 3 female)
Length:  90 min.

Stockholm mon amour is a dark comedy about a group a group of school teachers who, driven by greed and a desire to make some quick cash, decide to take part in a kidnapping


Somewhere in the south of Europe, a group of school teachers have committed a kidnapping. The big boss of the operation, Mr. X, calls a meeting to inform the kidnappers of something important: they have accidentally kidnapped the wrong person. The only way to proceed is by letting the hostage go. But just as this is about to happen, a careless act on the part of the kidnappers allows the hostage to see one of their faces. After that, there is only one way to ensure the hostage doesn’t go to the police: kill her. A dilemma ensues, and there is no shortage of tragicomic misfortunes for these poor kidnappers.


Setting:  an abandoned warehouse

Simple stage set-up. Two spaces: a warehouse (4 chairs and 1 cardboard box) and a small attached hideout (at a different level than the stage).


Stockholm mon amour, the new sensation