The play “SUPERPOWER” in EPUB format, downloadable in any country



In downloadable EPUB format

Jake and Candy Wallace’s small publishing house receives an ultimatum from the bank: pay what they owe or they will be shut down. To pay the couple’s debts, Jake makes the heroic decision to write a best-seller himself. The only problem is that Jake has never written anything in his life. Tensions grow be-tween Jake and Candy and we discover the couple’s most intimate and paranormal secrets.
“SUPERPOWER” is a tricky book to categorize. A first glance, it has the front page of a comic, but it isn’t a comic, it’s a play. It reads like a novel, but even quicker, because it gets straight to the point – it has no descriptions, digressions, paragraphs. “SUPERPOWER” is a rogue read. Hilarious. Groundbreaking. Disturbing. It wants to please. Break boundaries. A moment of madness. A breath of fresh air. A wonderful surprise.
The download includes, as a gift, the first 2 chapters of ON WATCHING, still unpublished.

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